Admissions Process & Cost

What is the process to be a part of the Post-Grad Program?

  1. Apply for selection online: Apply Now
  2. In 2-3 business days, you will receive your Admissions Packet which will contain:
    1. Cost of Attendance (see below)
    2. Health Insurance Forms
    3. Medical Waivers & Physical Form
    4. Program Packet & FAQ
    5. Media Release
  3. After you accept your packet, you are conditionally accepted into the program. Only a financial deposit will secure your housing assignment and program membership.

Notice: Once the program is full we will no longer accept applications. Also, once the program is full, you will receive a notice if you did not make a financial deposit to secure your spot even if you received a packet.

If you would like to be placed on the waiting list if you received this notice, please contact our Admissions Office at [email protected]

What is the Cost of Attendance for the Post-Grad Program?

  1. The Cost of Attendance is $42,000 which includes housing (plus utilities and WiFi), meals, travel, ACT/SAT test prep, gear, strength/conditioning program, skills training, games, practice coaching, hotels, and beach resort access.
  2. We offer partial scholarships based on a combination of academic and athletic factors as well as financial need.
  3. Similar programs that offer this type of post grad program (minus furnished beach resort housing) are priced from $40,000 to $70,000. See Impact Academy and IMG Academy.
  4. We do not currently offer full scholarships as we do not accept federal funding or FAFSA because this is not a college and you are not attending a college with us. (You may choose to pursue college separately, but we advise no more than 6 hours of online courses.)
  5. How do you know what the Cost of Attendance will be? You must apply because we operate on a rolling admissions basis and have certain slots at different scholarship amounts and it changes daily. Click here to apply now.