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soccer coaches and staff

Florida Coastal Prep is proud to have a talented and dedicated staff who are committed to providing a high-quality education to our students. Our team members bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and passion to their roles, ensuring that our students receive the support and guidance they need to succeed. We are grateful for the contributions of each staff member and are confident in their ability to make a positive impact on the lives of our students. Together, we work towards our mission of fostering academic excellence and personal growth in our students.

Amaury Nunes

Director of Soccer

Mr. Nunes is a highly accomplished individual who graduated from Fresno Pacific University in California, where he excelled in college soccer and led his team to the National Tournament. In recognition of his outstanding achievements, Amaury Nunes was named 1st NAIA All American in 2007.

With a passion for soccer that extends beyond the college field, Amaury Nunes went on to play professionally for a number of clubs in the US, Asia, and Europe. His impressive career included stints with Charlotte Eagles, Fresno Fuego, Charleston Battery, Rochester Rhinos, and San Antonio Scorpions.

Driven by his desire to help aspiring soccer athletes achieve their goals, Amaury Nunes founded A10 Academy, a highly respected exchange program company focused on men’s soccer athletes from Brazil. Since its inception in 2008, A10 Academy has sent over 1500 student-athletes to the US to play soccer and other sports.

In addition to his work with A10 Academy, Amaury Nunes also served as the General Manager for the professional soccer club Fort Lauderdale in 2015 and 2016, further solidifying his reputation as a respected leader in the soccer community.

Renato Zanolla Filho

Head Coach

Renato Zanolla Filho is an accomplished soccer coach and nutrition specialist with years of experience in the field.

Coach Filho’s coaching career has been marked by impressive achievements, but one of his most notable accomplishments was his position as the Men’s Soccer Coach at Tigers Academy for U17 from February 2016 to December 2019. During his tenure, he was instrumental in developing the skills and techniques of his team members, instilling in them a sense of discipline and dedication that enabled them to achieve remarkable success both on and off the field. Under his tutelage, the team demonstrated impressive performance, earning accolades and recognition from both the academy and the larger soccer community. Through his tireless efforts and unwavering commitment to excellence, Renato Zanolla Filho has established himself as one of the most exceptional soccer coaches in the industry.

Renato holds a Full Degree in Physical Education from the University Southern Cross, which he completed in 2005. He later pursued his passion for sports nutrition and completed a postgraduate degree in Sports Nutrition applied to High Performance from the Metropolitan Colleges in 2020.

Renato has been a vital part of the coaching community for many years. He started as a Basketball Technician at Sport Club Corinthians Paulista PreMini, Mirim, Infanto and Juvenil categories from February 1997 to May 2011. 

Renato Zanolla Filho’s expertise in soccer coaching is second to none. He is a CREF-registered coach, with a proven track record in training and developing players. Renato’s passion for soccer coaching can be seen through his extensive experience and his commitment to the growth and development of young players.



Pedro Vaiano

Assistant Coach

Pedro Vaiano is a dedicated and accomplished student, who is set to graduate in June 2023. He has spent his second year living in Coalinga, CA, where he has been an active member of the school community. Pedro has strong leadership skills and is an excellent communicator, which has made him a valuable member of the media team, student council, and worship band.

Pedro is a team player with a positive communication style, and he is dedicated to both personal and group development. He is committed to achieving his goals and is focused on his future. Pedro has received several personal awards for his achievements, including the Inspiring Player of the Year and the Warrior Spirit of the Year in 2022. He has also been honored with the FCA Warrior Honor for Allegiance in 2022 and Integrity in 2023.

Pedro’s educational background is impressive. He attended Colegio da Polícia Militar-Itaquera from 2009-2021, where he developed a strong foundation in academics. He has also attended Faith Christian High School from 2021-2023, where he has continued to excel.

In addition to his academic accomplishments, Pedro has been actively involved in extracurricular activities. He has served as the captain of the soccer team at his high school academy during the 2022/23 season, demonstrating his leadership abilities on the field. Pedro has also been a member of the high school media team during the same period, where he has contributed his skills and creativity. Moreover, Pedro has been a senior representative in the student council for the 2022/23 academic year, showcasing his commitment to his school and his fellow students.