Housing Expectations
FCP has housing rules and expectations that each participant is required to follow. The list below are the most common rules; each house coach may have their own rules and expectations that participants must follow. Thank you!

General House Rules

1. Remove shoes at the door

2. Rooms should be limited to just those who live in them; any co-mingling should be done in the common spaces

3. Windows will remain closed unless otherwise approved by house coach

4. Every occupant must adhere to the cleaning schedule and/or assignments; on Fridays everyone will work together to make sure all the main areas are clean (including dusting, sweeping, picking up and anything else that needs to be done)

5. During “school nights” (Sun-Thur) everyone must be back inside the house by 11 pm (midnight) and in their rooms by 1 am unless prior approval is granted by house coach

6. Laundry will be done on schedule provided by the coach


1. Visitors must be approved by the house coach

2. Visitors are not allowed in the bedrooms

3.Visitors are responsible for our expectations also


1. Beds should be made each morning

2. Music should be kept to yourself

3. Do not switch beds or room assignments

4. Keep clothes organized

5. Room inspections will be done once per week


1. Shower each day – dry off in the shower

2. Keep toiletries organized

3. Limit amount of toilet paper to avoid clogs; do not flush paper towels

4. In case of clog, turn off the water behind the toilet and alert house coach

5. Clean up after yourself


1. Store your food in the refrigerator or cabinet

2. Clean up immediately after eating; wash and dry your dishes; return everything to original condition

3. Keep food in the kitchen and dining rooms; water in bedrooms – no food
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