Recruiting Roadmap
Please answer the following questions for our recruiting coordinator. We will help develop an individualized recruiting road map considering academics, geography, playing time, level of competition (NCAA I, II, III, and JUCO), and scholarship considerations. Each consideration is weighted between 1 to 3 stars. 3 means it is the most important consideration and 1 means it is not a consideration. Please have at least one selection as a 3 star and one selection as a 1 star in order to assist in your recruiting process.
3 stars means you won't consider a school without your academic choice
2 stars means you have a selection of majors and any of them will fit your needs
1 star means as long as you are accepted then will attend that school
3 stars means you won't consider a location not within your geographic choice
2 stars means you have a general sense of the location you desire and locations you won't consider
1 star means you are willing to play in any geographical location
Level of Play will often determine the amount of playing time and scholarship that you are eligible to receive. Additionally, the higher the level usually means the less available playing time will be offered as a freshman. For example, many talented players often play Junior College their first year or two despite offers to play at a higher level because of the opportunity for court time in games. Remember, you only have to beat out a college sophomore at the Junior College level while at the NCAA or NAIA levels you would have to beat out Seniors and Grad Transfers (5th year players).

The NCAA D1 level is the only level that offers full athletic scholarships at the NCAA level. NCAA D2 and NCAA D3 offer a combination of athletic and academic scholarship awards.

Junior College is similar. D1 Junior Colleges or JUCOs offer full athletic scholarships while D2 and D3 JUCOs offer a combination of academic and athletic scholarship award in order to cover the tuition amount.

NAIA is another level of basketball that can offer full athletic scholarships or a combination of athletic and academic scholarship award.

3 stars means Level of Play is your primary focus regardless of playing time or cost
2 stars means you would like to play at the highest level possible while earning some amount of athletic scholarship award
1 star means you are not concerned about the Level of Play as long as you are playing college basketball at any level
Scholarship amount varies by school and level (see above - Level of Play). Additionally, some players decide to become a Preferred Walk-on at a D1 school instead of receiving a scholarship at a lower level. Everyone has their own motivations. As a D1 Preferred Walk-on you receive scholarship awards based on academic test scores and GPA only. If your primary concern is the amount of scholarship then that would limit your focus to schools that can award full scholarships or schools that are in your state of residence. Schools in your state of residence that are the most cost effective are usually the junior colleges.

3 stars means your primary consideration for a school is your amount of scholarship money
2 stars means you would like some degree of athletic scholarship award, but it is not your primary concern
1 star means you are open to any school and even would consider a D1 Preferred Walk-on spot
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