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Basketball Overview

Florida Coastal Prep Sports Academy’s basketball program provides a proven balance of professional instruction and challenging academics leading to individual college placement and team success.

The 2022 State Champion Runner-up and the West Florida Invitational Champions have been celebrated by some of the most elite college basketball evaluators.

We direct each player that completes our program to achieve their greatest potential while emphasizing player development, skill development, and athletic performance within a team structure.

Love your program! First class treatment of players and you are pushing them to be their best! As Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, "I'll be back!"
Paul Biancardi
ESPN Recruiting Director

Sample Basketball Schedule

  • Orientation
  • Evaluation and Training Plan
  • Physical Therapy Performance Evaluation
  • NCAA eligibility registration
  • SAT/ACT registration
  • Initial Recruitment Meeting
  • Team practice
  • Team games and tournaments
  • Skill development
  • Parent and player individualized program
  • College recruiting and placement meeting
  • College application process overview
November – February
  • Team games and tournaments
  • Continued skill development
  • Focused individual development meeting
  • Continued recruiting and placement meetings
  • Narrowing of college placement
  • Finalize college selection
  • Complete enrollment paperwork
  • Focus on strength development
  • Individualized skill development
  • College visits

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