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Sean East Sr.

Coach Lee DeForest was instrumental in putting my son in the position to compete against high level competition as well as in front of college coaches. He also used travel time to show players the different places around the country. That is something I think that's very important to the maturity of young men. My son matured and received a D1 scholarship and now plays for the Missouri Tigers.

Shawn Roy

My son played for Coach DeForest and he did an awesome job with my son. He was a great mentor, and did a fantastic job in getting him ready for the next level. My son had zero offers coming out high school, and after completing his time at FCP, he had plenty of offers. Thank you Coach and FCP!!!

Deanna Costello

Our son had the opportunity to play for Coach DeForest this past year. He is a talented coach and very passionate about the game and truly connected with his players. His commitment to seem them succeed on and off the court sets him apart.

Andrej Zelenbaba

My son played for Coach DeForest this past season, and I have to say that he is real professional as a coach and great person with lot of patience for teaching today kids to play and adopt to higher level of playing in order to receive future scholarship. He knows how to approach each kid and get a maximum of them. He is a role model for where ever he coaches. I highly recommend!

James McCravy

I was informed that Coach Lee DeForest has joined the FCP program. By selecting him, you have secured a giant of a coach who understands how to teach the boys life skills as he teaches them basketball. My son played post-graduate ball for Coach DeForest during the 2018-2019 year. Read More My wife and I went to every game and during every game, Coach Deforest was exemplary in the way he managed the game, engaged the players and successfully positioned each player to contribute regardless of the skill level. I was particularly impressed by the way he got the boys to play hard regardless of the score - when they won big, the substitutes played like the game was even and when they lost big, the starters played like they felt they could come back. No one mentally checked out of the game and all of the boys supported each other on the floor, on the bench and in the stands. During the season, Coach DeForest invited college programs to games, arranged visits to athletic workouts and games… then at the end of the season, scheduled workouts with area schools to ensure that players got a chance to compete for spots according to their skill level. There are many specific instances I could document here that would further emphasize how dedicated and effective Coach DeForest’s is, but I will summarize by saying that we considered ourselves extremely lucky to have placed our son in the post-grad program the year that DeForest led the team!

Spanky Parks

I have had several kids play for Coach DeForest! All of them have received scholarships to Colleges. He has been awesome for our Future Prospects Program. Great Guy and Coach!

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