Florida Coastal Prep


At Florida Coastal Prep, we are committed to making our program affordable for families. FCP provides partial scholarships and awards to qualifying families who have completed the admissions application process. The Financial Assistance program helps to reduce the tuition allowing students the opportunity to attend Florida Coastal Prep. You are automatically enrolled in the Financial Assistance program once you apply.

All Applicants are Considered for Partial Scholarships in our Financial Assistance Program. Scholarships are Based on a Combination of Athletic and Academic Factors as Determined by our Admissions Office. Please Apply for Consideration.

We understand that families have questions about making FCP possible. We encourage families to apply to learn more about their award from the Financial Assistance program. Apply Now.
  1. Apply for selection online: Apply Now
  2. In 2-3 business days, you will receive your Admissions Packet which will contain:
    1. Cost of Attendance (see below)
    2. Health Insurance Forms
    3. Medical Waivers & Physical Form
    4. Program Packet & FAQ
    5. Media Release
  3. After you accept your packet, you are conditionally accepted into the program. Only a financial deposit will secure your housing assignment and program membership.

Notice: Once the program is full we will no longer accept applications. Also, once the program is full, you will receive a notice if you did not make a financial deposit to secure your spot even if you received a packet.


If you would like to be placed on the waiting list if you received this notice, please contact our Admissions Office at Admissions@FloridaCoastalPrep.com.

A Post Grad Program is an option to prepare you academically and/or athletically for college. The difference between Post Grad and regular schooling is that Post Grads often focus heavily on one or several different sports.