Florida Coastal Prep

Tuition and fees

At Florida Coastal Prep, we believe that every student-athlete deserves access to top-notch athletic training and education. To make this a reality, we are dedicated to making our program affordable for families. Our Financial Assistance program offers partial scholarships and awards to qualifying families who have completed the admissions application process.

This program helps reduce tuition costs, making it easier for students to attend Florida Coastal Prep. Rest assured, all applicants are considered for partial scholarships based on a combination of athletic and academic factors. Our Admissions Office works tirelessly to determine the best financial assistance options for each applicant. So, if you’re considering FCP, we encourage you to apply for consideration and learn more about how we can make it possible for you to achieve your academic and athletic goals. Apply now and take the first step towards a brighter future!

  1. Apply for selection online: Apply Now
  2. In 2-3 business days, you will receive your Admissions Packet which will contain:
    1. Cost of Attendance (see below)
    2. Health Insurance Forms
    3. Medical Waivers & Physical Form
    4. Program Packet & FAQ
    5. Media Release
  3. After you accept your packet, you are conditionally accepted into the program. Only a financial deposit will secure your housing assignment and program membership.

Frequently Asked Questions