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Why a gap year at florida coastal prep?

Postgraduate Year at Florida Coastal Prep: An Alternative to Traditional Gap Year

Many high school graduates are familiar with the concept of a gap year after graduation. While little data is kept on the exact number of students taking a gap year, it is reported that gap years’ popularity has been on the rise over the past few years, with an estimated 22% increase in gap year participation since 2015. At Florida Coastal Prep, we offer an alternative to the traditional gap year: a postgraduate (PG) year.

What is a Post-Graduate Year? A postgraduate (PG) year at Florida Coastal Prep is a development-focused gap year. The primary objective of a PG year is to strengthen students’ candidacy for admission and increase their potential for success in college.

Taking a PG year at Florida Coastal Prep provides several benefits, including:

  1. Academic Improvement: Students who take a PG year at Florida Coastal Prep can choose to take college courses through our dual enrollment partner or prepare for the ACT.

  2. Increased Athletic Opportunities: Florida Coastal Prep offers a variety of strategies that increase exposure along with developing their athletic abilities to increase their chances of being recruited by colleges.

  3. Greater Social, Emotional, and Mental Development: In a tight-knit community like Florida Coastal Prep, students have the opportunity to learn and grow collaboratively, developing their social, emotional, and mental skills.

  4. Extended College Readiness: Florida Coastal Prep provides a structured college-like environment, allowing students to practice time management, school/life balance, and social skills that are crucial to success in college and beyond.

Florida Coastal Prep is an excellent option for high school graduates seeking to further develop their basketball skills, increase their exposure to top college recruiters, and play against top-tier competition.

The program’s post-graduate year offers the following benefits:

  • Exposure: The program’s national schedule provides plenty of opportunities for players to showcase their abilities to college recruiters and boost their recruitment prospects.

  • Recruiting: The program’s experienced coaching staff helps players navigate the recruitment process and gain exposure to a wide range of college programs.

  • Player development: With a focus on player development, the program offers high-level training and coaching to help players reach their full potential.

  • National schedule: The program’s national schedule allows players to compete against some of the best high school basketball teams in the country, providing valuable experience and exposure to different styles of play.

  • Competition: The program’s competitive environment challenges players to improve their skills and perform at their best, helping them to prepare for the rigors of college basketball.

What did Covid-19 change about recruiting?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it harder to earn NCAA basketball scholarships, and the best college teams are now older due to an extra year of eligibility granted to student-athletes. Coaches are now looking for experienced players who can contribute immediately to the team’s success, rather than taking a chance on a younger, less experienced athlete. 

As a result, it is much harder for younger high school athletes to earn a spot on a team. Pursuing post-grad studies can increase a player’s chances of earning a scholarship by providing an extra year to develop skills and gain experience.

What is the benefit of a post grad year?

A post-graduate (PG) year for basketball players is an additional year of high school eligibility that allows student-athletes to continue to develop their skills and athleticism before moving on to the collegiate level. While some players opt to use this year to work on their academic standing, others use it to improve their basketball skills and increase their recruitment opportunities. In this article, we will explore the benefits of a post-graduate year for basketball players.

  1. Improved Skills: The additional year of eligibility allows players to further develop their skills and increase their proficiency in the game. Players can use the PG year to work on their weak areas and build on their strengths.

  2. Physical Development: Players can use the PG year to improve their physical attributes, such as strength, speed, and agility. This extra year of training can help players improve their overall athleticism, which is crucial for success at the college level.

  3. Exposure to College Coaches: The PG year provides players with additional opportunities to showcase their skills to college coaches. This exposure can lead to more scholarship offers and opportunities to play at the next level.

  4. More Time to Choose the Right School: The PG year provides players with more time to find the right college program. With an extra year to consider their options, players can make a more informed decision about where they want to continue their athletic and academic pursuits.

  5. Improved Academics: For players who need to improve their academic standing, the PG year can provide an opportunity to take additional courses and improve their GPA. This can make them more attractive to college coaches and increase their chances of receiving a scholarship offer.

  6. Better Prepared for the College Game: The PG year can help players adjust to the more demanding college game. They can use this year to get acclimated to the pace, intensity, and physicality of college basketball.

  7. Increased Maturity: The PG year can help players develop their maturity and leadership skills. This extra year of high school can help players become more responsible and better equipped to handle the challenges of college life.

In conclusion, a post-graduate year can provide many benefits for basketball players who are looking to improve their skills and increase their opportunities to play at the next level. It can also help players make a more informed decision about their college program and prepare them for the challenges of college basketball.