Florida Coastal Prep

Florida Coastal Prep is a post-graduate program focused on serving as the bridge between a high school graduate and their college basketball dream. Graduated seniors seeking to earn a college scholarship are eligible. Located in the beautiful Fort Walton Beach area in the Florida Panhandle, FCP is uniquely positioned to offer our students the best in basketball training and leadership development in a relaxing environment. We provide players in our program the 3 missing ingredients: instruction, exposure, and competition. Any one of those elements play a factor in a player joining the 3.4% of college basketball players and we maximize each factor to prepare our players for the next level.


Our Journey

Consistent Every Season



Our LSP teaches our students different lessons that may have been overlooked during their high school years. Examples include: how to cook, clean, tie a tie, interview for a job, maintain a kitchen, do laundry, and other important life lessons. This collection of skills will assist our program graduates with their time management and ability to function as adults when they become college freshmen



We offer our future students the chance to learn from many community leaders from auto mechanics, computer science professors, car dealership owners, teachers, policemen, and others. The goal is exposure to possible career paths for our program graduates. When our players enroll into college as freshmen, one of our goals is to have provided them with many different considerations to assist them in making an informed decision when choosing their college major.



Our program benefits the local community. We will participate in both elementary and high school class settings to serve as tutors and student teachers. We will act as positive role models and serve as examples. We want our future students to learn the value of sacrifice and giving back to our local community.



In addition to our post-graduate program, we specialize in basketball training by providing high quality private lessons, group workouts, clinics, camps. Perfect to combine with rec, school or travel team practices. Year round we offer skill development programs for boys and girls of all ages and levels, including college and pro players. Future programs include: AAU Basketball College Placement Basketball Camps


We provide world class daily basketball training and instruction that ensures players are college ready.

Sample Basketball Schedule

  • Orientation
  • Evaluation and Training Plan
  • Physical Therapy Performance Evaluation
  • NCAA eligibility registration
  • SAT/ACT registration
  • Initial Recruitment Meeting
  • Team practice
  • Team games and tournaments
  • Skill development
  • Parent and player individualized program
  • College recruiting and placement meeting
  • College application process overview
November – February
  • Team games and tournaments
  • Continued skill development
  • Focused individual development meeting
  • Continued recruiting and placement meetings
  • Narrowing of college placement
  • Finalize college selection
  • Complete enrollment paperwork
  • Focus on strength development
  • Individualized skill development
  • College visits

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