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NBA Champion Shares Insight on Life and Hoops

Championship Mentality: NBA Champion Mike Dunlap Inspires FCP Players with Insights on Work Ethic and Basketball

Mike Dunlap, an experienced NBA and collegiate coach with over 40 years in both the collegiate and professional ranks, recently visited Florida Coastal Prep to share his insights on work ethic and basketball with the players. Having served as head coach for various universities, including Loyola Marymount and St. John’s, and as an NBA head coach for the Charlotte Bobcats and assistant coach with the Denver Nuggets, Dunlap brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the FCP program.

During his visit, Dunlap held a high standard and emphasized the importance of hard work and dedication in order to achieve success in basketball. He shared his personal experiences and lessons learned throughout his career, inspiring the players to strive for excellence. The players were eager to hear what it takes to become an NBA champion and Dunlap gave them an in-depth look into the “DNA of a champion”, discussing the mental, physical, and emotional attributes needed to reach the highest level in the sport.

In addition to sharing his knowledge, Dunlap also introduced some of his favorite drills and exercises that have helped him throughout his coaching career. The players were excited to put these drills into practice and see the impact they could have on their own skills and performance. Dunlap’s visit was a valuable opportunity for the players to learn from a seasoned coach and gain a new perspective on what it takes to be successful in basketball.

The players, coaches, and staff of Florida Coastal Prep are grateful for Mike Dunlap’s visit and the valuable lessons he shared with the program. The experience was truly amazing, and the players will carry these insights with them as they continue to work towards their goals in the sport.