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Florida Coastal Prep Dominates the Court: Back-to-Back Champions at West Florida Invitational

Back to back champions

The Florida Coastal Prep Sports Academy basketball team has done it again! For the second consecutive year, they have claimed the title of West Florida Invitational Champions. 

The West Florida Invitational is one of the most highly anticipated high school basketball tournaments in the region, and for the Florida Coastal Prep team to come out on top for two years in a row is a testament to their exceptional skills and teamwork. 

For high school basketball players looking to take their game to the next level, Florida Coastal Prep is the place to be. With a world-class training program and a talented coaching staff, they provide the perfect environment for players to develop their skills and reach their full potential. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, Florida Coastal Prep has something to offer. So, don’t wait – join the champions today!

The Florida Coastal Prep basketball team made history as they defeated Oakleaf Academy 82-67 to win the West Florida Invitational Championship for the second consecutive year. This victory marks a remarkable achievement as they become the first team to ever win the title back-to-back seasons.

As the West Florida Invitational Champions for the second year in a row, Florida Coastal Prep has solidified their place as one of the top basketball programs in the region. Their impressive performance on the court, combined with their commitment to academic excellence, makes them a top destination for aspiring basketball players.

Florida Coastal Prep Sports Academy made a strong statement in the semi-finals of the West Florida Invitational, dominating Fairmont Sports Academy with a final score of 80-64. The players of Florida Coastal Prep came out with a fire in their belly, determined to secure their spot in the championship game. From the opening tip-off, it was clear that the team was focused and ready to play. By the end, Florida Coastal Prep had secured a well-deserved 80-64 victory.

Malik Montero and Felipe Gregate were the stars of the show at the West Florida Invitational, earning spots on the All-Tournament Team and making history for Florida Coastal Prep. Felipe took home the tournament MVP award, leading the team with his outstanding play and clutch performances throughout the competition. These two talented players were instrumental in securing Florida Coastal Prep’s victory and solidifying their place as top contenders in the world of post-graduate basketball.