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Spartan Spotlight: Terrian Roy

success is the only option - Terrian Roy

In this Spartan Spotlight, we will feature the Class of 2021 guard, Terrian Roy. The 6’1 guard from Ville Platte, LA was a key part of the program during his time in Fort Walton Beach, FL. 

Coach Dmitry Utolin remembers this about Terrian, “Terrian was all about the process of improving from day 1 and never hesitated in his commitment to the team and the program. The pandemic tested all of us, but it never fazed TRoy and his laser focus on reaching the highest level possible.”

FCP sat down with Terrian to get some advice that he can share with any incoming Spartan on how to be successful during their post grad year.

FCP: What advice would you give to incoming post grad players?

TR: I would advise incoming post grad players to come in and work hard. Focus on the fundamental part of the game. Basketball can be very challenging mentally so cutting out all distractions and focusing on the game plays a big role and helps you get to the next level.

FCP: What is your favorite memory from last season?

TR: My favorite memory from the FCP season was the great relationship I had with my coaches and teammates. Having chemistry with the program helps everyone reach their highest potential.

FCP: What is one thing you would do differently?

TR: One thing I would do differently is hit the weight room harder and with more intensity. The weight room plays a big role in college.

FCP: Why did you pick FCP?

TR: I picked FCP to showcase my talent and it was definitely the best decision I’ve made. Showcasing my talent helped me reach heights I didn’t think was possible.

FCP: What about that win against Tallahassee CC and their star guard El Ellis?

TR: That win was great and being able to compete against him showed me how much talent I really have. During the game I was talking to him and asked him how he got so many offers and he told me just continue to work hard and the work will show itself. I trust his words ever since.

Awesome advice T for every player regardless of level; we appreciate you and wish you the best of luck this season.